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We offer number of wooden train track pieces for train sets to help your child build the biggest railway line of all!

Wooden Train Track Extensions & Pieces

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High Level Expansion Pack

High Level Expansion Pack for wooden train sets with circular uphill & downhill layout.


Crazy Track (Bigjigs Rail BJT164)

The Crazy Track comes as a pack of 2 pieces: flexible and adaptable they allow track to piece together that might otherwise have been a problem.


Track Expansion Pack

Track Expansion Pack includes 25 wooden pieces.


Curves & Straight Expansion Pack

Set of 24 useful track pieces to help you create amazing train set layouts.

£16.99 £18.99

Eight Way Turntable (Bigjigs Rail BJT134)

The Eight way Turntable allows trains to change direction easily and go any of 8 different ways.

£6.99 £7.99

Train - 4 way Turntable

Fantastic value and fully compatible with all leading brands!


Lifting Bridge

Fantastic wooden bridge and track - great addition to any wooden train layout.


Three Arch Bridge (Bigjigs Rail BJT111)

If you have a river, road or track to cross with your railway then you need the Three Arch Bridge.


Railway Viaduct (Bigjigs Rail BJT193)

This fantastic viaduct is the perfect addition to any railway landscape.


We have a variety of wooden train tracks for our wooden train sets which come as part of the set or on an individual basis to extend the railway track. Not only do we offer toy train track pieces, but also bridge extensions and a high level expansion pack too!

All our train track extensions are from leading brands, such as Bigjigs Rail, and are fully compatible with all other leading brands, including Brio. Follow this link to learn more about compatibility of wooden train sets between brands