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Let your little one crack the case! Our extensive range of spy toys and games will keep children entertained for hours!

Detective Games for Children

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Dress Up Spy

Essential kit for super sleuthing and top secret missions.


Spy Science Secret Message

Shh, can you keep a secret? Exciting Spy Science Secret Message Kit with ideas and equipment to communicate and decipher secret messages!

£11.99 £14.99

Rearview Spy Glasses

Rearview Spy Glasses, ingeniously designed with mirrored outer inserts so you can spy on people without them knowing!

Sneak & Peek Periscope

A wide viewing periscope with LED light for night exploration.


Fingerprint Spy Kit

Calling all Amateur Sleuths! Collect and record your suspects fingerprints!!


Secret Decoder Game Book

Decode secret messages and clues with this great kit!

Secret Decoder

With the Secret Decoder kit you can write and reveal invisible messages, uncover hidden clues and crack codes!  Perfect for spies and secret agents.

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If you’ve got your own little detective at home then our range of spy toys and spy gear for kids is the right place to come to for the perfect gift. With a great range of spy kits such as our spy science secret message kit or our cool night vision or rearview spy glasses, we know that if your little one fancies themselves as the next Inspector Gadget these toys are sure to go down a treat!