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Our sports and fitness toys for kids are perfect for encouraging your children to engage in active play!

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Gymnastic Ribbon

Twirl the Ribbon like a gymnast making enormous loops, twists and turns.

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Sports Holdall

This strong Sports Holdall ideal for all your sports kit. It can be embroidered with your name or initials. Great quality and available in red, navy, royal blue, black or fuchsia.
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Double Water Slider

A two lane water slide for double the fun! 

£11.99 £18.99

Hop Skip Jump Game

A multi-activity game that can be played 3 different ways!  Bursting with fun and physical activity, turn any floor into a gameboard by laying our coloured discs and spinning the spinner.  A game for 2 to 4 players,  indoors or outside with 16 double sided foam discs, spinner and play guide.


Safari Footwalkers - Tiger

Tiger wooden mini stilts with rope handles.


Safari Footwalkers - Crocodile

Crocodile wooden mini stilts with rope handles.


Safari Footwalkers - Giraffe

Giraffe wooden mini stilts with rope handles.


Pedal Racer

Can you keep your balance whilst pedalling backwards and forwards?


Pocket Kite

Foldaway, lightweight pocket kite. No sticks, no assembly but great flyer with 35 metre line.



Can you spin the diabolo on the string, flip it and catch it?

£7.99 £9.99

Catch Ball Set

An easy introduction to the game of catch using Velcro pads to catch with. Catch ball set for two players with two catching pads and 1 ball.

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Stealth Archery Set

A bow and arrow set designed for use as a sporting product for target archery – this is not a toy.

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Slot Together Hula Hoop

Adjustable snap-together Hula Hoop consists of 8 colourful ring segments that can be added or subtracted to create the perfect hoop size.

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Flashing Hula Hoop

A slot together hula hoop that can be adjusted to two different sizes that flashes in use to create a wonderful whirl of colour!

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Rock N Hopper

How long can you keep your balance and stay on this "pogo" ball?!!

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Pogo Stick - Black/Silver

Tough durable pogo stick in black and silver with heavy duty spring.

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Pogo Stick - Pink/Purple

Tough durable pogo stick in pink and purple with heavy duty spring.

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Rainbow Stunt Streamer

Rainbow Stunt Streamer, fun to play with and a joy to watch! Loop and swirl with rainbow coloured ribbon for active fun.
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We have a great range of health & fitness toys and games for children, fitness play equipment and kids outdoor sports equipment too. These toys and games are perfect to keep children active and entertained, and for good old fashioned fun too of course!