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For creative children our arts and crafts sets are sure to make the perfect present. We offer easy crafts for younger kids to more detailed and advanced craft activities for older children.


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Light Up Crystal Lab

Learn to grow stunning crystals of different colours and display them in a night light.  Requires 3 x AAA batteries and adult supervision.


Glow Window Art

Create window glow art including suncatchers and peelable window decorations.


Bird & Butterfly Pop Up cards

A stunning activity set with everything you need to make 12 beautiful pop-up cards with envelopes.  Fold and colour, decorate with stickers and give away to lucky friends and family. 


Crystal Growing Dinosaur Terrarium

Grow four stunning crystals from chemical components with this fascinating project and make an awesome dinosaur terrarium.  The 4 different sized and coloured crystals grow in just 7 days and are then used to create a terrarium habitat for 3 dinosaur figures.  All chemical compounds, equipment, figures and terrarium included.


Dino World Paint and Play

A must for any dinosaur fan!  Paint the dinosaurs and volcano then use them to play an adventure board game.  Set includes 6 dinosaur figure and volcano with paints and a brush, with dice, game sheet and instruction.

£11.99 £12.99

Foil Badges

Create 10 super sparkling foil badges


Junior Carpenter Tool Set

Brilliant first tool set for woodwork and carpentry, with scaled down working versions of real tools, some blunted for safety.


Magical Animal Rock Painting

The perfect rainy day activity!  Decorate rocks with transfers and paint to create animals.


Mould & Paint 3D Glitter Unicorns

A set to make 2 glittering magical 3D unicorns. With moulds, plaster powder, carving tool, paints, brushes, glitter powder and instructions. A delightful quiet activity with a magical result.

£9.99 £10.99

Pom Pom Pets

Create adorable pompom animals with the amazing craft kit.


Fashion Headbands

Gorgeous creative kit to decorate 10 satin headbands with lots of pretty accessories.


First Knitting

Learn to knit with this easy to follow kit from Galt


Puppy in a Tin

A first sewing project with a cuddly end result!  Use the stuffing provided to fill the pre-sewn dog through the gap in the puppy’s back, sew the slot up using the safe plastic bodkin and thread and when puppy is sewn he’s ready to play!  Set includes a fleece blanket and the tin can be used as a bed.


Eugy Koala

Build your own 3D model koala from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Hugs - Creative With Paper

Create scenes filled with tenderness and love (because we all need hugs!) by following the instructions to make 4 cute pictures.  With pre-cut shapes, sticky dots and stickers this absorbing art set does not require any messy glue.


Parrot On A Perch

Make your own cheeky parrot on a perch to bring character and colour to any room.  Simple instructions, no glue or scissors required.  Learn about different parrot species in the fun packed activity sheets included.


Paper Folding Dancers

Create the stage costumes for four dancers by folding strips of paper and superimposing them onto templates, following a series of numbered patterns. The graceful and colourful dancers come to life as 2D images, when the folded paper outfits are applied to the pre-printed pictures.


Eugy Tyranno Dino

Build your own 3D model tyrannosaurus from pre-cut card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.



Sea Life Scratch Cards

Four highly detailed sea life scratch cards and scraping tool, scratch to create even more details that glow in the dark. 


Dinosaurs Scratch Cards

Scratch to create the details on four printed card pictures.  Set includes 4 cards to scratch and a scraping tool.


Felt-Tip Brush Pens - Pop Colours

A set of 10 top quality double-ended felt tip pens, one fine line end, the other thicker, like a brush stroke.  Four of the colours are bright neon colours!


Family Tree to Create

Build a sturdy card family tree and decorate it with over 70 repositionable stickers because all families are different and may grow.


Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Fire Truck

Ignite your child’s curiosity with this engrossing Fire Truck with extendable rotating ladder, two brave fire-fighters and 13 drilling spots to add wheels, bolts, water, flames and more!  Use the drill to add and remove pieces from the truck.  Turn the sturdy packaging inside out and it turns into a brilliant play scene, add the stickers to personalise the fire engine.  


Holographic Light Up Origami Unicorn

Create a giant origami unicorn with holographic paper and insert a small battery-operated string of colourful lights to make him sparkle.  


Drummer Robot

Assemble a super cool drumming robot and code it to programme the beat.  Place on different surfaces to achieve different sounds!


Mousetrap Racer

Build a cool device that will transform the power of a mousetrap into energy that will set this cool race car into motion.

£12.99 £14.99

My Unicorn Faux Leather Pouch

Your unicorn in your style!  Bring this unicorn pouch alive by learning cool new sewing techniques.  Pre-cut pieces with sewing guide holes to assemble and decorate with silver stiches, coloured yarn and two plastic needles.

£12.99 £14.99

Yarn Basket Weaving Art

Everything you need to create two stylish woven baskets.  Learn cool weaving techniques.  Set includes 2 basket templates, plastic needle and 7 spools of yarn, felt, glue and full instructions.


Lantern Painting Kit

Turn this delicate paper lantern into a stunning room decoration.  Let your imagination run riot and paint in your own style to make a decorative item.  Includes paper lantern, paint strip & brush.


Knitting Circle

A hand-cranked knitting machine that knits tubes and panels at the flick of a switch!  Set includes knitting machine, 2 balls of yarn, 3 machine tools instructions and a knitting guide to make a hat and scarf.


Paracord Wristbands

Make wristbands from eight brightly coloured 3m lengths of paracord.  Learn 3 fun knotting techniques to make the wristbands and secure with plastic buckles, 2 sets of buckles have built-in compasses, to wear on your outdoor adventures!


Eugy Reindeer

Build your own cute 3D model Reindeer from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Eugy Santa

Build your own 3D model Santa from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Eugy Snowman

Build your own 3D model Snowman from pre-cut, numbered card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Eugy Parrot

Build your own 3D model parrot from colourful, numbered pre-cut card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Eugy Humpback Whale

Build your own 3D model humpback whale from numbered pre-cut card pieces and glue.  Environmentally friendly set with plastic free packaging.


Giant Ocean Origami

Creative folding fun with spectacular results!  Set of 6 pre-printed large sheets of paper and easy to follow instructions, to fold into giant origami sea creatures and proudly display in your room.  Plastic free packaging.


Little Pet Puppets

Create your own pet puppy, cat and two mice puppets, no more than 5 easy steps to make each one.

£5.99 £6.99

My First Quilling - Little Bugs

Learn the art of quilling and use it to decorate cards with pre-printed with cute bugs.  Includes 8 cards, quilling tools and instructions, 180 pieces of quilling paper and googly eyes.


School Memories Yearbook

A school yearbook to fill with memories, messages and signatures from class mates and teachers, with special pages for best friends and future dreams.  24 bright and colourful pages.


Friendship Journal

A 24 page journal to write about you, your best friends, keep a birthday planner and lots of fun activities!  Brightly coloured and enjoyable to use.


Carpentry Playset

A fun carpentry playset.  Assemble pre-drilled wooden components with plastic pegs, knocked in with a hammer, to create wooden models.  Approx 45 wooden components, 30 plastic pegs and a wooden hammer.


Lacing Art

Classic lacing and threading activity set with large threading board, 8 cords and 4 threading tools to create pictures and patterns by following the examples in the online album, or freestyle, all contained in a carrycase with handle.  



Create a marvellous marble run using this comprehensive kit with over 90 pieces.  Build fantastic marble suspension tracks over 4m long to race marbles of different dimensions and materials.


Paper Making

Learn to make paper with this environmentally friendly science craft set.  Make the paper and use it to make and paint planets, dinosaur fossils and an erupting volcano.


ReCycleMe Model Engineer

The ultimate upcycling art kit!  Recycle loo roll and kitchen roll tubes using the contents of this great kit.  Includes everything you need to complete 5 projects - paints, brush, stickers, paper shapes, googly eyes and so much more!


Quilling - Petticoat Scrolls

Learn the art of quilling, create colourful quilled shapes and stick them on printed illustration to make fascinating 3D designs. Set includes illustrated instructions, 4 pre-printed cards, colourful paper strips, glue and all tools.


Make your own Fairy Lantern

Create a magical fairy lantern that sparkles by day and glows at night.  A simple and satisfying craft project, resulting in a beautiful lantern to enjoy.  Requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.



Children’s Craft Supplies

For creative children, our arts and crafts sets are sure to make the perfect present. We offer simpler and easy to use crafts sets and items for younger kids to more detailed and advanced craft activities for older children. Boys and girls love to play with arts and crafts products and will enjoy creating colourful, fun pieces of art that will no doubt take pride of place in your home. At Mulberry Bush, we can help children achieve impressive results with our fantastic collection of craft kits. Children of all ages love our kits, which are full of exciting craft activities for kids and provide hours of fun! We really do have something for everybody, from sticker and stamping sets to gluing, knitting, sewing and embroidery, jewellery making and even origami! Who knows? It might be the start of a lifelong hobby!

Crafts Kits for Kids

Our crafts kits for kids containing everything a child needs to create lovely pictures and designs. These kits will not only encourage them to be creative and imaginative but also teach concentration, patience and focus as well. They are so many fantastic crafts kits to choose from that you are sure to find one that your child will love and can enjoy watching them create anything from their own jewellery to their own solar system!

Arts and Crafts Gifts for Children

In our arts and crafts sets, you’ll find lots of great quality products that are fun, exciting and engaging for children of all ages. Encouraging children to be creative and imaginative as well as learn important skills and take pride in creating something is important and our collection of crafts gifts will do just that. Perfect for birthday, Christmas and other special occasions, we are sure if you choose a gift from our arts and crafts range, the recipient won’t be disappointed!

Popular kids arts and crafts gifts include:

Why Choose Mulberry Bush for Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids?

At Mulberry Bush, we ensure that we carefully select our products because we believe they will provide children with joy. Our arts and crafts range has been curated to cater to lots of different ages, and particular tastes so you are sure to find something your child will love. If you can’t decide, just get in touch and our team can help advise you or answer any question you have. Can’t find what you need? Why not browse our personalised gifts instead?