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Thames & Kosmos specialises in science sets that are designed to challenge and develop children’s skills.

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Intro to Engineering

An informative first engineering kit.


Magic Hat

Enthusiastic young magicians will be enthralled by this awesome magic set!  With full instructions and over 40 props to help you perform 35 tricks, you’ll be in the Magic Circle in no time!


Air Water Power

Build 15 different models from 165 pieces, building vehicles that run on air and water pressure and learn physics with action-packed experiments.  A fascinating set for the older child to build and power awesome vehicles!


Solar-Powered Rovers

STEM experiment kit with 54 pieces, that make 5 different models powered by the sun.  Learn how the solar cell converts sunlight into electricity to power the motor.  Ultralight materials, including bamboo rods make the models speedy and durable.


Simple Machines

A cool introduction to mechanical physics.  Work through the 32-page manual to perform 26 experiments. Learn about and assemble examples of six simple machines with this fascinating 132-piece set.  Start off with the simple models to gain an understanding of the basic principles, then move to larger more complex models like the Geared Carousel or Pulley Elevator.  Set includes precision spring scale.


Tightrope Walking Gyrobot

Build a robot that walks along a tightrope thanks to a motorised gyroscope unit – it will even walk along your arm!  Learn about physics, robotics and how gyroscopes are used in everyday life.  Set includes 43 pieces to complete 8 experiments and a 24-page manual.  Requires 3 x AAA batteries, not included.


Kids First Chemistry Set

Kids First Chemistry Set


Plasma Reactor

Build an oozing, fizzing lamp that uses oil, water and carbon dioxide gas from fizzing tablets, to make a cool bubbling lamp and learn some chemistry in the process!  Requires 1 x AAA battery – not included and other easily available household items.


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A refracting telescope with x 12 magnification, a sturdy metal focuser and comfortable soft eye cup.  A great way to explore the surface of the moon, search the night sky or study nature close up.

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Chemistry C1000

The ultimate chemistry set for beginners.  Enrol in CHEM C1000 and prepare for a lifetime of fascination with chemistry through more than 125 diverse experiments.  30 piece set with 80 page instruction manual, chemicals and protective glasses.  Will also require readily available household items and adult supervision is recommended.

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Remote Control Machines

An awesome construction kit with three motors and remote control that controls all three motors, so you can put them in separate vehicles or all three motors in one more complex machine!  Build your own motorised vehicles and machines and the unique 6 button infra-red remote control allows you to control three different motors simultaneously, moving each forward or in reverse.  

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Thames & Kosmos

<h2>Thames and Kosmos Toys and Games</h2>

<p>Thames & Kosmos specialises in science sets that are designed to challenge and develop children’s skills. If you are searching for a toy that’s both educational and entertaining, the range from Thames and Kosmos will not disappoint. Children will love these fun, hands-on science kits that teach them to be curious, to experiment, and will evoke a sense of wonder in the world around them.</p>

<h2> Thames and Kosmos Science Kits Make Great Gifts!</h2>

<p>The ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas or another special occasion could be right in front of you! Our Thames and Kosmos Science Kits are ideal for children and can teach kids about human anatomy, the solar system, engineering and even a little bit of magic thrown in there for good measure too!</p>

<h3>Excellent Value Thames and Kosmos Kits</h3>

<p>Thames and Kosmos is a reputable brand that you can trust, and you can rest assured that we have selected the best Thames and Kosmos kits for our range. If you are looking for great quality and excellent value, these kits will not disappoint as are made from high-end materials and will provide hours of fun playtime for your child, so it will be worth every penny!</p>



Our most popular wooden Thames and Kosmos Kits include:

Why Choose Mulberry Bush For Thames and Kosmos Kits For Children?

We have decades of experience in searching for and selecting the very best toys for our superb collection. We take the hard work out of gift buying and can be your one-stop-shop for top quality, excellent value gifts for kids. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is on hand to ensure you pick the most suitable gift for your child, so why not get in touch today?