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Our fantastic range of Djeco toys has something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a great game or puzzle or a bright and fun new toy for your child, Djeco’s toys are bound to delight!

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Roly Penguin

Tap Roly Penguin and it will wobble and spin but won’t fall over!  With a smooth wooden base and clear top that looks like a penguin with beads and rings inside for visual stimulation and a gentle sound.


Stacking Chicken

9 piece stacking chicken, created in smooth wood in beautiful colours.



A game of patience, consideration & fun! Can you fit all the pieces into the grid?


3D Wooden Farm Animal Puzzle

Beautifully made, chunky wooden puzzle with lift out farm animal pieces, painted in vibrant colours with tasteful imagery.

Little Cooperation Game

A game that encourages children to play and win together as they try to get their igloo onto the ice field.  For 2 – 4 players.


Paul & Cerise Ice Cream Parlour

Sample the delights of Paul & Cerise Ice Cream Parlour with this exquisitely decorated wood and felt play food set.

Bogoss Skeleton Card game

A thrilling strategy card game with novel "glow in the dark" cards.


Tap Tap Vehicles

Traditional wooden pin-a-shape activity. Tap the wooden pieces together to create a variety of vehicles on a thick cork base using pins and hammer provided.


Tap Tap Rockets

Traditional wooden pin-a-shape activity.  Tap the wooden pieces together to create a variety of vehicles on a thick cork base using pins and hammer provided.


Tap Tap Garden

Flower arranging with a difference! Create beautiful wooden flower designs with a lovely variation on pin a shape activity, from French company, Djeco.

Step by Step Drawing

Such a brilliant idea for younger children to learn to draw in simple steps and gain a real sense of achievement.  Contains 12 step by step cards, 1 dry-wipe board, pen and cleaning cloth.

£7.99 £9.99

Scratch Boards

Four scratchboards with scraping tool, all of the gorgeous images have a theme of animals at night.


Glitter Dress Creativity

Stunningly beautiful and detailed craft set for an older child to glitter by numbers!


Glitter Animals

Stunningly beautiful and detailed craft set for an older child to glitter by numbers.


Glitter Butterflies

Stunningly beautiful and detailed craft set for an older child to glitter by numbers.

£11.99 £13.99

Sequin Images

Decorate two detailed framed bird pictures (on thick foam backing) by pinning plain, patterned and shaped sequins on them, to create beautiful works of art.  Contained in neat storage box with storage compartments.


Animal Collages

Create 4 animal collages following the step-by step instructions to get fantastic results.


Rainbow Fish Sand Art

A great combination of craft and art, using colour by numbers with sand and glitter to create stunning pictures of fish.


Peacock Silk Painting

Paint a delicate silk scarf with this delightful kit that produces a stunning effect.


Big Box of Colours

Brilliant boxed Art Set bursting with artists materials! Pens, pastels, paints, pencils and more in a case ready to be decorated!


Apple Tree Ball Run

Ball run for younger children, shaped like an apple tree the “apples” drop through the holes and runs until it reaches the bottom of the tree.


1-10 Wooden Number Puzzle

A beautifully made number puzzle with animals, numbers, butterflies and even fingers to count!


Flowers Tattoos

Dermatologically tested children’s tattoo set.


Face Paints - Nature

Set of 6 face paints that meet cosmetic standards.

£5.99 £6.99

Face Paints - Metallic

Set of 6 face paints that meet cosmetic standards.


Twist Together Animals

Screw together wooden animal parts to make 3 characterful animals.


Pipop Pidoo - Pop Up Toy

Wooden pop-up toy!  Press down on the animal heads and up they pop.


Step by Step Draw Animals

Easy to follow guides to draw your own animals by following the 4 simple steps.


So Pretty Foil Pictures

Use the little tool provided to uncover parts of the picture, then apply the foil paper to the sticky areas, to create a 4 glistening pictures!


Fireflies Foil Pictures

Uncover parts of the detailed pictures using the little tool supplied, revealing a sticky surface to apply the foil against, building the complex pattern into a riot of glistening foiled colours. Each set has 4 different picture cards, 15 foil sheets and picking tool and is presented in a useable storage box.  


Felt Tip Brushes Pink

A set of 10 double ended felt tip pens


Flower Box Multi Activity Kit

Hours of flower themed crafting, contained in a multi craft box of fun!  Set includes everything you need - drawing, painting, scratch art, stamping, glitter and 3D art.  Full instructions provided to discover new skills and create the enclosed projects.


Sea Life Scratch Cards

Four highly detailed sea life scratch cards and scraping tool, scratch to create even more details that glow in the dark. 


Felt-Tip Brush Pens

A set of 10 double ended felt tip pens


Animal Mosaics

Place the coloured pegs in the 8 drawings to create a series of colourful animal pictures.


Flexanimals - Folding Art

Fold and assemble pre-printed papers then endlessly manipulate into different animal faces.  Contains four sheets, each creating four animal faces.

Out of stock


Design your own charming woodland scenes that can move using a series of colourful cogs, animals and trees, in very tactile mixed materials including wood, felt and soft plastic on a quality wooden base.  The 14 pieces are a great tool for learning cause and effect and manual dexterity. 


Topani Jungle Stacking Cubes

Hide wild animals in the correct jungle boxes and learn about colour, number and shape matching at the same time.  Create imaginative jungle stories, nest, stack or just build a tower and knock them down.  5 jungle box hideaways and 5 animals.


Topani Farm Stacking Cubes

Six robust, beautifully decorated farm buildings that nest or stack and six little farm animals to live in them. Match the numbers or animals or let the imagination create farmyard stories.
Out of stock

Rainbow Ducks Fishing Game

Hook a Duck! Six vibrantly coloured and numbered ducks and 2 rods with safe hooks.

Out of stock

Geoforme Magnetic Shapes Box

Magnetic wooden pieces in vibrant colours in a magnetic wooden carry case to create patterns with 24 different pattern cards to follow (or just make your own!).

Out of stock

Glitter Mermaids

Create bewitchingly beautiful mermaids with this detailed, glitter by numbers craft set.

Out of stock

Space Tattoos

Dermatologically tested children’s tattoo set.


Out of stock

Hugs - Creative With Paper

Create scenes filled with tenderness and love (because we all need hugs!) by following the instructions to make 4 cute pictures.  With pre-cut shapes, sticky dots and stickers this absorbing art set does not require any messy glue.


Velvet Colouring - Night Creatures

Five colouring cards with velvet details and outlines to colour in a create stunning artworks.  

Out of stock

Paper Folding Dancers

Create the stage costumes for four dancers by folding strips of paper and superimposing them onto templates, following a series of numbered patterns. The graceful and colourful dancers come to life as 2D images, when the folded paper outfits are applied to the pre-printed pictures.


Fantasy Forest 3D Colouring

Colour in the four highly detailed cards, using the pens provided, put on the 3d glasses and watch the incredible illustrations come to life!  A mesmerising art project.


Dinosaurs Scratch Cards

Scratch to create the details on four printed card pictures.  Set includes 4 cards to scratch and a scraping tool.


Djeco’s bright and engaging toys are perfect for a wide range of tastes and interests. Their fantastic variety of puzzles and games will keep your kids entertained for hours. With games starting from as little as a few pounds you are sure to find a perfect toy for all interests and ages.

Fantastic Djeco toys at Mulberry Bush

Mulberry Bush’s commitment to sourcing and stocking only the finest quality products means you always have the best selection of toys to choose from. With years of experience creating traditional toys that are built to last, Djeco is a go to brand for all gift ideas.