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We have a brilliant range of easily transportable, compact travel games for children that will keep your little ones entertained until you arrive at your destination.

Travel Games for Kids

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Magneti'book - Crazy Faces (girls)

Create crazy girls faces using magnetic features and accessories on a magnetic scene by copying the enclosed cards or inventing your own.

£15.99 £17.99

Magneti'book - Crazy Faces (boys)

Create crazy boys faces using magnetic features and accessories on a magnetic scene by copying the enclosed cards or inventing your own.

£14.99 £17.99

Billionaire Boy's Tremendous Times Tables

Make multiplication enjoyable with this collection of fun number games.  52 cards and instructions featuring the illustrations from the world of David Walliams by Tony Ross



Who can collect the most stones in their Mancala in this game of strategy?  Wooden set with hinged playing board and wooden stones.


River Crossing

Help the hiker find a route across the river using a set of magnetic planks, tree stumps and puzzle challenge cards.  Lay a puzzle card on the game grid and add the stumps through the holes in the card and the planks where indicated.  Place the hiker on start and manipulate the planks one at a time to help the hiker across the river.  A game of logic and reasoning that can be played alone.  Supplied with a drawstring bag, so a great travel game too!


Mini Brainbox - English

Tabletop game full of 10 second English challenges, to play alone to improve visual recall, or competitively with friends and family.

£3.99 £4.99

Reusable Sticker Book - Animals

Over 150 colourful and reusable animal stickers to use over and over again to bring to life the eight different backgrounds in the book.


Mag Pad

Use the magnetic pen to draw the metal beads up in to holes to create words and pictures.  Simply push them back down to start again!


Chalkboard Colouring Book - Dinosaurs

Draw on – wipe off book with dust free chalk pens and a colourful dinosaur themed cover.


Chalkboard Colouring Book - Fairies

Draw on – wipe off book with dust free chalk pens and a fairy themed cover.


Instant Air Hockey

A clever table top air hockey game for most tables and polished surfaces with 2 goal nets, two mallets and one battery operated puck!  Requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.


Reusable Sticker Book - Dinosaurs

Reusable dinosaur sticker book with 8 colourful scenes and 150 stickers.


Slide n Spin

Circular sliding puzzle, every row of coloured pieces can slide horizontally and vertically.  Great fiddle factor – create your own patterns.


Baffle Game

A 3D brain busting handheld puzzle game!

Go Bananas Puzzle

You’ll go bananas with this brain teasing puzzle.  Just when you mastered the coloured cube puzzle this comes along!  Twist and turn it to manipulate back into shape – if you can!


Mini Solitaire

Classic solo game of solitaire in wooden case with attached pivoting lid.

Mini Tiddly Winks

Tiddly Winks set in a wooden case.

Car Journey Games Tin

Brilliant set of 7 "I Spy" style travel games to entertain children on car journeys so they’ll never be bored again. Winner of the of Gift of the Year 2014.


Maps Reusable Sticker Book

Match the animal stickers to where they are found in the world.  With 7 colourful continent maps and 150 reusable stickers.


Dinosaur Magic Water Cards

Ten cards to colour in with water to reveal detailed dinosaur pictures, numbers and letters full of colour, in a handy storage case.

Out of stock

Dice Poppers

Set of two dice poppers, one red with 1 numeral die, one blue with two dot dice, you’ll never lose the dice again! Great with board games, activity sets and maths workbooks.


Line 'em Up Puzzle

Traditional ball bearing maze puzzle game.  Can you navigate the obstacles and land each ball in the right place?  A game of balance, frustration and a steady hand! 


Slam Dice - Words

The shake ‘n’ play word game, perfect for home or travel for 2 or more players.

£6.99 £9.99

Shut the Box Game

Wooden Shut the Box is a challenging traditional mathematical game of skill and chance.


Classic Games 4 in 1

Classic Games 4 in 1 wooden set, contained in a lidded wooden box and the lid is also the reversible playing board for chess, draughts and backgammon!  Also contains Pick-up sticks and Dominoes.

£7.99 £9.99

Jacks Game

Popular timeless game of skill and dexterity will bring back fond memories of schooldays.



Kendama - a real challenge!  One of the oldest ball catching dexterity games.

£4.99 £5.99

World Map Jigsaw (100)

Highly detailed map of the world on a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle.


3D Tic Tac Toe

Beautifully crafted wooden 3D tic tac toe game set.

Out of stock

Scentos Art on the Move

Fantastic scented art set in a 3 in 1 bag and car seat activity tray, the perfect travel art set!

Out of stock

5 Second Rule Mini Game

Name just three things in a category – i.e. 3 animals found in a zoo, sounds easy but under the time pressure of the 5 second rule could you?

Out of stock

Silly Safari

Be the first to spot the missing safari animal in this fun, frantic card game or observation and matching!  For 2 – 5 players

£7.99 £9.99
Out of stock

When travelling long distances with children you might wonder how on earth you will keep them entertained! With our fantastic travel games you no longer need to worry! We have a variety of travel games that children can easily play in cars, on trains and planes to keep them happy until you get to where you want to be. Whether you are looking for a handy travel toy to keep you child busy, such as our stencils and pencils sets, or need to find a great game children can play together while you concentrate on getting from A to B, our travel games are perfect to help take the stress out of your journey.